IMG_0002Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching writing emanates from my one-on-one consultations with students in the writing center. These sessions affirm that there is no universal method for composition because students handle the complex, recursive process of writing in their own idiosyncratic ways.  Continue reading…

Writing Center Philosophy

Students seek out the writing center for as many reasons as there are reasons to write. When consulting with me, they will not find a surrogate professor or a shaman who knows the ancient truths of composition. Instead, they will find a conversation that guides a collaborative learning experience. Continue reading…

Courses Taught or Developed

Virginia Tech
ENGL 3764: Technical Writing (Online)
ENGL 3764: Technical Writing
  • Fall 2015 Course Materials (coming soon)
ENGL 3154: Literature, Medicine, Culture
  • Fall 2015 Course Materials (coming soon)
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